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Hialeah Locksmith: Symptoms of Car Ignition Issues

There are so many things that can go wrong with a vehicle. It seems that no matter how much you spend on a new car, eventually, you are going to have to deal with problems. Some issues are more minor than others, of course. Some might only cost a little bit of money to fix, but others might make you question if it’s worth even keeping the vehicle. And isn’t it so convenient that issues always seem to occur once the warranty of the vehicle is up? Hialeah Locksmith is a lock and security provider that offers assistance throughout Hialeah, FL and the information that they have included here will help people who are potentially dealing with car ignition issues everywhere. If you think that something is wrong, it very likely is. Ignition problems can’t be ignored as they can prevent you from being able to drive the car at all. It doesn’t matter what you drive, whether it is a Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai or anything else. Ignition problems can happen to anyone.

How does the ignition switch work when everything is working properly?

Before we get into anything else, let’s discuss how the ignition switch should work. When you place the key in the ignition switch, you’ll note that there are different degrees to which you can turn the key. For instance, if you turn it all of the way, it should start the car. If you turn it up just one notch, your dashboard lights should come on, however, the engine still will not be turned on. Your radio might come on at this point. In the first position, the key is inserted in the ignition cylinder but the car is still completely off. This is the way an ignition cylinder should operate.

What exactly happens when the key is turned all of the way?

When you turn the key all of the way, the car should turn on. The ignition coil will begin to take power from the car’s battery and it will then communicate with the spark plugs. When this happens, the fuel will be ignited and your car will turn on. If you are turning the key but the car won’t fully turn on, then what you don’t want to do is keep turning the key. This is what some people tend to do because they think that they are helping the vehicle to power on. However, you are going to have the opposite effect. Trying to force the car to start by continuously forcing the key all of the way to the “on” position is a sure way to drain the battery. Instead, if you press on the accelerator gently while the car is in the “park” position, as you are turning the key the first time, this might help to power the vehicle.

Now, have a look at some common problems that occur with relation to the ignition of a vehicle, and reasons why some of these issues occur…

  1. The engine won’t turn over when the key is turned in the ignition in the “start” position. This is a major indication that something is wrong with the switch. This is the case if you have already made sure that you don’t have a problem with the battery, of course.
  2. The radio or headlights fail to work when the key seems to be in the “on” position in the ignition cylinder. 
  3. The switch overheats. The ignition switch is likely bad if it becomes very hot when it is touched. The issue might actually be in the electrical system. The ignition switch is linked to a group of wires and what could eventually happen is, the terminals that connect the wires can end up overheating. The insulating base could end up melting, as a result. When these things happen, the car just will not start.
  4. The engine might operate but the car ends up suddenly stalling.

Basically, if the engine fails to turn over, you know that you have a problem, and the issue will surround the ignition switch if you have already determined that your battery isn’t due to be replaced.

What can you do when you have car ignition problems?

Keep an eye on your dashboard lights. If the dashboard lights tend to do something different, then there might be a problem. If the key is in the second position, meaning one notch up, then the brake light, oil light and other warning lights might not work properly if the switch is not working correctly. Keeping an eye on these lights will let you know if something is wrong, sometimes before it becomes worse.

This is incredibly important information for anyone. You must exhibit caution if you plan on working on your ignition switch yourself. This is especially true if there are electrical issues. You could have a short in the system. Keep any metallic objects at a safe distance from wires. Keep in mind there is a current running through them. The best thing to do is call a professional for assistance. Luckily, there are places like mechanic shops and dealerships that should be able to help you. And if you are on a budget, you might want to reach out to a locksmith that is local to your area. Many lock and security experts will specialize in automotive solutions, and it is quite common for them to work with ignition cylinders and other parts associated with this component.

An automotive locksmith should be able to replace the ignition switch altogether. Hialeah Locksmith is an example of a company that does this. Just be sure to do your research if you are not located in this part of Florida and able to use this reputable business. Make sure that the locksmith has excellent reviews and provides free price quotes, before you commit to using their services. Best of luck with your ignition!

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