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Knowing When to Change Your Home Locks

Changing your locks should be a part of your home maintenance. This is something that you should actually do once a year to ensure the security of your home. If your family and the things you’ve worked hard to acquire are important to you, make sure you protect them by having you locks systematically changed. There are additional reasons for having your locks changed. Below, we have highlighted some of these reasons.

  • Stolen/Lost Keys
    When you can’t find you’re keys, don’t assume they are lost; someone may have actually taken them without your seeing them. When this occurs, it often means they know where your car or home is located. This is a good reason for changing your locks. If someone should happen to find your keys and return them, this doesn’t mean that they haven’t duplicated the keys. To be on the safe side, have the locks changed.
  • When You Move
    If your moving into a new home, no matter if it is an apartment, condo or house, the locks should be changed. This should be taken care of prior to your moving into your new home. If it has not been done by the time you are scheduled to move in, do not move in. Why take the chance of having someone break-in and take your valuables when you do not have to. Rather, have the locks changes as quickly as possible.
  • When Someone Else Had Your Keys
    If you had to leave the keys to your home in the hands of someone else, even after receiving the keys back, change the locks. This would apply when you have to leave keys with a service professional. While the keys are in their possession, they could quit easily have them duplicated. Rather be safe than sorry by having the locks changed.
  • Separation/Divorce
    Regardless of whether it is a separation or divorce, it is always in your best interest to have the locks changed. Some may reason that their relationship is ending on good terms. This doesn’t really matter. You never know at what stage, if ever, things could change. You just want to make sure that if things do change, you and your valuables are protected.
  • Someone Moving Out
    If you have a border or a roommate that is moving out of your home, this is a good time to change the locks. No doubt, you have given them a specified amount of time to stay. Once that time has come and gone, it is safe to change the locks. This doesn’t matter if you trust them or not. You never know if they may try to come back at a later date, uninvited. Be prepared if they do.
  • When Locks Are Worn
    When you have locks that are old and worn, change them. The locks that are in this condition can be easily compromised. Not only are they easier to break but they may not work when you need them to. Whenever you start to notice rust around your locks, it is time to contact us at Hialeah Locksmith in Hialeah, FL to change the locks for you. We offer around the clock servicing.
  • An Attempted Break-in
    When it appears as though your locks have been tampered with, it is definitely a good enough reason to change the locks. They may not have been successful in their attempts but they may have weakened the lock. If your lock is not working or your key will not open the door, this is an indication that someone may have tampered with your locks. The same goes when it comes to your garage door. If it looks as though someone has tried to gain entry through your garage door, have the locks changed immediately.
  • Dated Locks
    If you have the same locks on your doors that were there when the house was built 50 years ago, what are you waiting for; change the locks. Old and worn locks cannot only become problematic they can also be easily broken by a skilled and non-skilled burglar. When a lock gets older and more obsolete, it might begin to lose its ability to keep out intruders. As burglars become more adept at breaking locks, the older ones will certainly pose no problem for them. Make it difficult for someone to break into your home by changing the locks every couple of years.
  • If Your Electronic Locks Look Strange
    It is true that it would be a lot more difficult to determine if an electronic lock or smart lock has been compromised but it is possible. If something looks strange, like the cover is lifted, it might be a good idea to have the codes changed. It is a lot more difficult to compromise these types of locks but not impossible for someone who handles the programming of them. Be on the safe side and change the codes if you suspect anything.

In most cases, we just tell our customers to be aware of their locks. Look down every now and then to see what the locks look like. If you notice something that doesn’t look right, don’t take the chance of continuing to go on with your day as though nothing has happened. Contact a local locksmith today in order to schedule an appointment for someone to change the lock. You shouldn’t take unnecessary chances when it comes to the safety and security of you and your loved ones. Make it a priority to change the locks annually. This will no doubt give you the peace-of-mind that you deserve. When you want to remain safe within your home, pay close attention to the condition of the locks on your doors and windows. If they look suspicious, do not take your time about contacting Hialeah Locksmith to change them for you. We work around the clock to ensure that our customers are always safe and sound. We don’t take chances with the safety of our customers and neither should you.

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