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Hialeah Locksmith – Master Pins in Locks, What They Are Used for, Why You Don’t Want Them

Are you thinking about getting one or a few master keys for your locks? Why not contact us at Hialeah locksmith in Hialeah, FL? We can make master keys for your locks and we have some of the most incredibly low prices for our services. Give us a call and see how affordable we are.

Why do you want to create master keys though? Are you tired of having a lot of keys and you want to make it more convenient for you? That’s a great reason to get master keys. But, have you ever stopped to think about the downside to getting them? Maybe you should. It may significantly affect your decision to get them created.

What Are Master Pins?

To know what master pins are, you have to know a little bit about how lock works. So, here goes. All locks have pins inside them. These pins are what help your locks to identify the keys that you put inside it. Have you ever noticed that even though you may have two locks with similar keys you cannot open the lock if you interchange the keys? That’s because of the pins in the locks.

The master pin is the pin in the lock that allows a master to key to work. Consider this. If you live in an apartment, the building manager may have a key that opens your door and other doors on your floor. Yet, your key can only open your door. This means that the master pin in all those locks will allow that one key to open them. But, it will prevent other keys from doing so.
If your master key is created correctly, this will always be the case. No other key except the master and the regular key will be able to open that lock. But, there are some drawbacks to having that master pin in your lock.

Are Master Pins Safe?

Master Pins are not the safest idea especially for exterior locks. Your master key is not as specific as your regular key. This means that once you have a master pin in your lock, it puts you at risk. Less specific keys may be able to open that lock. While this doesn’t mean that you must or you will experience a break-in, it does mean that your security is not as good as it can be.
Some people may argue that locks with master pins are just as safe as those without it. But, if you really examine the possibilities and the risks associated with both types of situations, it is undeniable that master pins can really jeopardize your safety.

Master Keys- Pros and Cons

Although master pins can compromise your security, there are some benefits to having master keys that makes it worth considering. It really boils down to what your priorities are and what’s best for your situation. Take a look at these pros and cons for having master keys to see if it is the best choice for you to make.


  • They are very convenient
    Try walking around with a big bunch of keys for a few days and see how it feels. If you have been doing it all along, you know how burdensome it can be. Imagine now that you don’t need half of those keys anymore. Wouldn’t that significantly decrease your load? This is what having a master key can do for you. It is easy for you to move from several keys to just one. As long as all the locks are compatible, a master key can be created so they can all be accessed with that single key.
  • They are easy to use
    There is not trick or special way to use master keys. There is no code or programming that you have to worry about. You simply insert the key just like any other key and turn it to open the lock. There is no rocket science about it. As long as the key was made properly, you will have no issues using the key.
  • They are not expensive to make
    It is not generally very expensive to make master keys. The only expense that you may have to worry about is making sure that all the locks are the same brand or at least compatible with each other before you create the master. If they’re not, you will have to replace those that aren’t. This may cost quite a bit depending on how many locks need to be replaced and how expensive the locks are.


  • If they get lost/ stolen someone may get access to a lot of your property.
    This is a very big drawback to having a master key. So, when you have a master key, you have to be extremely careful with where you place it. If you do not lose the key but someone makes a copy of that key, you may also end up in the same predicament. If you only used it for a few doors, it may not be as disastrous as cases where it is used for a whole lot of locks.

Do You Really Need a Master Key?

If you do not have a whole lot of keys, having a master key may not be so critical. Yes, it may be bothersome to walk around with a few keys, but it may just be better that way. Instead of getting that master pin in your lock, try to stick it out with your bunch of keys. But, if you truly believe that having that master pin and master keys can really make a big difference for you, go for it.

Hialeah locksmith in Hialeah, FL can give you more information about master pins and master keys if you are still unsure about what you should do. We can create master keys for you too and our prices are very affordable. Just give us a call to check out what options may be best for you. Not in this area? Look up a lock and security pro in your location. This will help you make the right choices and obtain the appropriate information!

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