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Ways that Your Business Can Benefit from Keyless Locks

There is no doubt about it; keyless locks afford you a higher level of convenience and security. It can be a challenge trying to find what is going to be right for your commercial business in terms of security. Many would agree that your security begins with your choosing the right type of locks to have installed. You have to consider the security of your employees, information stored inside your business and the protection of your merchandise. This is a lot to consider and that is why our locksmiths at Hialeah Locksmith in Hialeah, FL, are called upon to assist when a business owner isn’t sure which direction to go. In terms of security, they know they can turn to a security firm but their budget may not allow them to take advantage of the security features offered, at this time. However, relying on the services of a locksmith can render a business, practical and affordable solutions for their security. Again, it all begins with the locks that are installed. With so many keyless options available to you and due to the many benefits of having this type of lock, we strongly recommend this type of lock to our customers. Below, we have broken down some of the benefits of having keyless locks installed.

How You Benefit from Keyless Locks

  • Monitoring of who is on your property at any given time
  • A record of who was in and out of your business
  • Theft is minimized
  • Those in a management position or other employees in position of authority can be granted access into specific areas of your business
  • Employees can quickly and easily be added to your system and it will not affect any other employees ability to gain access
  • If an employee leaves, their key can be quickly de-activated, even remotely
  • There is no lost or stolen keys to worry about
  • No one can gain entry back inside your building if you do not want them to
  • You can get inside quickly as there are no keys that you’ll have to look for
  • A locksmith can develop a master fob key program so that you are able to keep up with who has which fob
  • Entry can be afforded to specific people at specific times and days
  • Temporary employees fob key can be programmed for them to only have access during specific times of the day and into specific areas of your business
  • After hours access can be denied to certain employees

Since locksmith companies are now able to install and program your keyless lock systems, we are often called upon to do so. Now that you can see some of the many advantages of having a keyless entry, you may be considering having them installed for your commercial business. However, it may help to convince you even further if you know the various types of keyless locks offered to you.

Types of Keyless Locks Offered

1. Electronic Key Locks

  • Access can still be granted even during a power outage as there is usually a lock override feature
  • The code used to gain access can be changed quickly if compromised
  • We can program specific codes for the permanent employees and specific codes for temporary employees
  • It is battery operated, which means it can replaced easily
  • You can monitor who is coming and going
  • Can be monitored remotely

This is just the tip of the iceberg; there are so many benefits that this type of keyless locks offers to you that we can’t mention them all. Our associates are more than happy to discuss the various benefits offered to you, which might be of use to you.

2. Electronic Keypad Lever Combo

  • No standard key necessary, only a fob key or code
  • The override feature will enable you to gain access even during a power outage
  • You can see who has been in and out of your business
  • You can monitor how long someone has been in your business
  • You can monitor when employees come and go
  • Codes can be changed remotely
  • Most are battery operated
  • Since some are offered without hard-wiring, it can be far less expensive than those that require hard-wiring
  • Can monitor your business remotely

This is another popular option that offers a little more functionality than the previous keyless lock. While they do have similar features, it may be a good idea to discuss the various features in detail with one of our knowledgeable associates so that you can make a well-informed decision about the ones you have installed.

3. Manual Keypad Locks

  • This lock offers both a deadbolt locking feature and knob
  • It is easy to program and to use
  • Codes are quickly and easily changed
  • There is a storeroom version, which locks the door immediately upon your exiting the area
  • It is the deadbolt version that will enable you to keep the door unlocked whenever you choose to
  • It doesn’t require batteries

Many homeowners find the practical value in using this type of lock. There used to be locks that were only used for commercial purposes that are now useful and affordable for home use also. When you consider the benefits, it isn’t hard to see why this is the case. The level of convenience alone is a good enough reason to get some people to invest in this type of system. No more waiting for someone to let you in who has a key, no need to hire someone to sign people in and out and the overall protection of knowing who is coming and going are all great reasons to consider the various types of commercial keyless locks offered today. While you used to only find them in government buildings, you now find them in more places than ever. There is a reason for this and now you can clearly see why. We’re happy to assist you further if this is something that you are considering. We can tell you for certain that it is well worth the investment.

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