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What to do about a jammed safe

Do you need to access your home or business safe, but can’t? Don’t panic! Help is nearby and it doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to get. Safe cracking is easy and fast in the movies! It seems like every James Bond flick or crime show has a safe specialist in the cast that can quickly and easily turn the dial and open any safe and any time. If only it was that easy! If your safe is jammed and not responding to your attempts at opening it, read our Hialeah Locksmith post and you’ll know more than most what to do to get it open again with a minimum of expense or damage to the unit.

Don’t force it!

We are NOT kidding! It can frustrating to own a valuable piece of security equipment like a wall or floor safe and not be able to access its contents on demand. Here in Hialeah, FL we have tens of thousands of local businesses as well as a vibrant residential population. A huge number of these folks have and use safes to protect their valuables, cash, weapons and jewelry. Forcing your safe open is not the way to go. Your access problem is compounded by now adding damage to your safe and possibly to its contents, as well.

Are you in a hurry?

Sometimes you really do need to access your safe quickly. You might have cash in the safe and have a sudden need for it. It may be to pay a bill or for some kind of emergency like a funeral or to close a business deal. You might need important documents like a birth certificate or passport. You might even need a weapon or permit of some kind and have little to no notice. Hialeah Locksmith recommends that you stay calm, and call a professional.

Getting safe service

It’s not as simple as calling a safe shop. That action can even make the problem worse. Most safe shops simply sell the safe and maybe have it delivered. They don’t make them and they almost never service them. So what do they do? They simply call THEIR locksmith and add his bill to their own! While there’s nothing wrong with having a middleman, why pay for it when you don’t have to? You can bypass extra fees and even shave a few days of service time off by simply working with your own Hialeah, FL locksmith service.

Some safe shops want you to actually bring the safe to them. Forget that! Use a locksmith service that makes on-site mobile service calls and offers 24-hour emergency help, too. Here at Hialeah Locksmith we do both. On top of round the clock service and mobile convenience we offer free consultations, free price quotes and very affordable pricing.

Be organized

It helps to know as much about your safe as possible. You’ll need to describe it to whoever you call to repair it. All safes are not alike. Have the manufacturer’s name and the model number handy when calling. Keep track of sales receipts, repair bills and warranty papers, as well. You’ll need to be able to describe what’s wrong with your safe other than “it’s broken.” Is the combination dial not working? Are the hinges jammed? Did you forget the combination sequence or need it changed? Being specific at the beginning goes a long way towards getting you an accurate and reliable quote for getting it opened and/or repaired.

Electronic safes

When you call for professional safe unlocking or repair, the specialist will want to know if your model is electronic or not. Here in Hialeah, FL many safe owners have electronic safes and knowing the difference can result in a fluctuation in your quoted repair price. If you really don’t know; say so; your safe professional will be able to tell and to fix it either way. Electronic safes are also called digital safes and since they work off of a current, they are usually plugged in or have a lighted dial. Before calling for service, be sure to check and see if the power source is on and that the unit is connected. The trouble may also be a short in the electric circuitry of the safe. Unless you are experienced in electrical matters leave this part to the safe professionals that respond to you call.

Helpful tips

Is the safe really jammed or hard to open? Did you try the combination more than once? Maybe you forgot the sequence or that you had it changed already. Also, check and make sure that someone else in your home or business didn’t already change the number sequence and forgot to tell you. You can save yourself some time, and a possible service charge by covering all your bases before the locksmith in Hialeah gets there! Also, some electronic safes are designed to lock you out if too many wrong attempts at opening it are entered. This is similar to incorrectly entering your bank’s password when you try to log-in to your account. You may be locked out for 24-hours or more! It can be aggravating but actually the system is designed for your protection so that someone doesn’t try sequence after sequence in order to gain access to your safe’s contents.

Used safes

Many times, a used safe bought at auction or at an estate sale will be purchased sealed and with no combination. Hialeah Locksmith recommends that you call us for help opening it. Resist the temptation to force it open or to tinker with it. We can reset the combination for it or install a new lock on it so that you can access the contents and begin using it for your own valuables. Don’t forget; we offer affordable rates, free consultations and free price quotes along with fast response 24-hour emergency help. Treat your safe with care, regular maintenance and proper service and you can enjoy its use for many years to come!

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